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Regular Cleaning

Prevention is Key

Routine Cleanings and your Body’s Health

A clean mouth is important not just for your oral heath, but for your systemic health, as well. Numerous studies have shown, for example, links between gum disease and heart disease. And while there is no direct correlation as of yet, the evidence is clear that having dental cleanings every six months is good for your teeth – and good for you!

When we see you for your cleaning, we will clean your teeth, polish your teeth, and apply Fluoride if necessary (Fluoride isn’t just for children, and it can help prevent cavities in patients with certain medical conditions such as dry mouth).

Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Many patients ask about gingivitis and periodontitis, and the difference is an important one.

Gingivitis refers to inflammation of the gums (the gingiva), with no underlying bone loss. And with routine cleanings and thorough home care, Gingivitis is relatively easy to control.

Periodontitis, on the other hand, refers to inflammation of the gums where one starts to lose bone over time. The problem with losing bone over time is that as you lose more bone, the teeth get weaker in the mouth, and eventually need to be extracted. One of the initial treatments for periodontial disease is scaling and root planing, or “deep cleaning.”

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