Oral Surgery – Extractions

Extracting Teeth that Cannot Be Saved

When a tooth cannot be saved, it becomes necessary to take the tooth out to help avoid possible infection, and to make room in the mouth to replce the tooth.

How is a Tooth Taken Out?

When a tooth is extracted, the area is numbed with local anesthesia as it would be for other proceduers such as a crown or a filling. Once you are numb, we use special instruments to carefully remove the tooth and any remaining roots. In order to minimize bleeing and to maximize your comfort, we may decide to place a suture (stitch); and if we do place a sutute, we normally place one that will dissolved by itself so you don’t have to come back to have stitches removed

Can I be asleep for my extraction?

Yes and no. We do offer sedation for our patients who prefer it, and for our pateints who are anxious about treatment. There are a number of types of sedation – including Nitrous Oxide and IV Sedation. Each patients needs are different, and if you are interested in sedation, we will discuss it with you prior to your treatent. You can read about sedation to learn more

Wisdom Teeth

We will perform surgical extractions when indicated, and we will treat many third-molar extractions.

What Happens Once a Tooth is Taken Out?

Once a tooth is extracted it’s often best to replace the tooth in order to give you back good chweing ability and of course, esthetics. There are a number of tooth-replacement options avialable, and we will discuss these choices with you depending upon whic are appropraite for your specific treatment plan. Some of these options inclde:

Will I need a Bone Graft?

It depends. There are many dentists and surgeons who recommend that a bone graft be placed every time a tooth is extracted. The reason is that preverving bone after an extraction can give patients more options in the future — as more bone can help with the success of dental implant placement and with the abiltiy to keep a denture stable in your mouth. A bone graft is not required, and depending upon our treatment plan, we will review whehter or not a bone graft will of benefit to you

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I went in and was immediately put at ease. They were willing to stay late to make sure my exam was through and a tentative plan was put into place. When I returned the following day to see the hygienist, a definitive plan was put into place and the doctor and staff made sure I understood each step and what was needed.


I don't really like to go to the Dentist but the staff and the Dr are awesome!! Very kind, happy and professional!! The Dr is very gentle and communicative; as he tells you what he is going to do in detail and is a warm, caring person.


Folks, if you're looking for a new dental practice...look NO further! My 1st phone call to schedule a consultation was met with a kind and caring person who seemed genuinely concerned with the problems and pain I was experiencing. Though her schedule was full, she managed to fit me in to see the dentist.