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Complete Dentures

Removable Full Dentures

What is a Denture?

Dentures are a dental prosthesis that replaces missing teeth. When the prosthesis replaces all of the teeth in an arch (the top jaw or the bottom jaw) then it’s called a “complete denture” or “full denture”. When the prosthesis replaces only a few teeth, it’s called a “partial denture”. This article is about full dentures; you can read this article to learn about “partial dentures“, also called “removable partial dentures.”

How is a Denture Made?

A complete denture is made out of a specialized acrylic that is designed to be esthetic, safe and sturdy. Measurements of your mouth are taken, molds are made (dental impressions) and fittings are done to try everything in.

Will I need to use adhesive or denture paste?

Ideally nobody would need to use an adhesive such as Fixodent to hold in their dentures. However, depending upon the amount of bone loss you might have, you may need to use some type of adhesive to assist in keeping the denture in.

Will my denture loosen over time? What is a reline?

Possibly. As we age we slowly lose bond in our jaws, and some people lose bone faster than other people. If you are in a situation where your denture used to be tight and now it’s become loose, you might be a candidate for a denture reline. In a denture reline we add a new layer of material to help make the denture fit more snugly against the tissue.

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