Bleaching and Whitening

Bleaching and Whitening

Get brighter teeth with tooth bleaching

How can I get white teeth?

There are a number of options availalbe when it comes to teeth whitening (teeth bleaching), all with different advantages and disadvantges. Let’s explore some of these options:

Over the counter whitening products

Over the counter whitening prouducts are the entry-level approach to getting brighter teeth. The are inexpensive and readily available, but because their strength is limited as an OTC product, they are good “starter” choices for whiteing. Many of the toothpastes that offer whitening are actually polishing and not whitening.

In-office whitening

In-office whitening is a great approach to getting brighter teeth, and we’ve had with success with the Zoom in-office light. We have a specialized (and safe) whitening machine in the office that allows us to make the shade of your teeth lighter in only a few hours. The advantage of this approach is that it the results are instantaneous; the disadvantage however, is that the results don’t last as long as they would compared to a take-home tray approach, which we will discuss below.

Take-home trays

Take home-trays are the most effective approach to whitening your teeth; and we use Ultradent product to achieve bleaching success. The whitening gel  is very effective and can significantly lighten the shade of your teeth. The disadvantage to this approach is that you need to wear trays for a set time every night for a period of time (i.e. 30 minutes per night for 2 weeks), and compliance is key if you are to get the best results.

How long will the whiteing last?

The problem with tooth whitening is that the longevitiy of the results are very much related to the type of bleaching you had and the types of food that you eat. Whitening wtih take-home trays will last signifigantly longer than whitening with OTC toothpaste, and will stay white longer if you eat clear foods vs. dark foods such as red wine and graps.

Will whitening make my teeth sensitive?

One of the drawbacks to any type of tooth whitening is the risk of tooth sensitivity. You can read our blog post on the subject for more information.

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Bleaching and Whitening

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I don't really like to go to the Dentist but the staff and the Dr are awesome!! Very kind, happy and professional!! The Dr is very gentle and communicative; as he tells you what he is going to do in detail and is a warm, caring person.


Folks, if you're looking for a new dental practice...look NO further! My 1st phone call to schedule a consultation was met with a kind and caring person who seemed genuinely concerned with the problems and pain I was experiencing. Though her schedule was full, she managed to fit me in to see the dentist.